Biopsy Punches


Biopsy Punches
Disposable (Autoclavable)

Designed specifically for Dermatologists. Each size is color coded and available in ten sizes:

      1.0 mm                      1.5 mm
      2.0 mm                      2.5 mm
      3.0 mm                      3.5 mm
      4.0 mm                      5.0 mm
      6.0 mm                      8.0 mm

Important Features

  • Seamless sharp blade.
  • Hollow handle with sure grip design.
  • Safety capped.
  • Single use - Disposable.
  • Handle embossed with the appropriate punch size - for quick selection.

More Models

Biopsy Punches
(Polycarbonate- for sterlizing by boiling upto 130°C)

Biopsy Punches
(Detachable - S.S Body autoclavable)

Biopsy Punch
Special S.S Body (autoclavable)

Biopsy Punch - Adjustable
Special S.S Body (autoclavable)

Electrically Driven Biopsy Punches

(Slug Remover )