BASCO Wet-Field Bipolar Coagulator is a mini diathermy solid state for controlling bleeding during surgical procedures, eliminating tissues trauma using Bipolar standard Forceps and Erasers.


Wet Field Bipolar Coagulator
(Isolated Bipolar)

Model : 009

Tissue may be coagulated under irrigation (wet-field) with saline or in a bloody field. The high frequency current passes from one forcep tip to the other coagulating only the bleeder or particular tissue.

Important Features
  • Foot controlled system gives convenience to surgeons.
  • Forceps, Erasers and Cables are autoclavable.
  • Digital display for easy setting.
  • Imported Forcep and Erasers can be attached.
  • Audible tone lets surgeon know the unit is activated.
  • Compact in size, elegant look and portable.


  • Solid state circuit system ensures safest procedures to delicate tissue involved for Cataract, Retinal and IOL Surgery.
  • Can be used with irrigation (wet-field) or in the bloody field itself, to locate the bleeder easier to enable the surgeon to have better visualisation.
  • Useful for Ophthalmic surgical procedures and for delicate surgery reducing tissue trauma.
  • Coagulation with saline irrigation reduces tissue heating, shrinkage, drying and sticking of coagulam to the forcep tips.