Carbon-DI-oxide Convertor System from Bulk (Jar) Cylinder to
Insufflator/Laproscopy Instruments


Carbon-DI-oxide Convertor system for Insufflator:

Carbon-DI-oxide gas is used for Insufflator/Laproscopy instruments. A small CO2 cylinder (imported) weighing about one or two kilogram(s) with pin index typeor bull nose type is supplied along with the unit.

Single Stage Regulator Filling

Refilling these types of small cylinders take much by CO2 gas supplier, atleast minimum of 15 to 30 days. It also gets exhausted very fast. This delay can be solved using CO2 Convertor System.

Double Stage Regulator Filling


Different types of fittings for Insufflator
Refilling CO2 gas from Bulk(Jar) cylinder to pindex cylinder (1 Kg or 2Kg)

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