Cryos for Opthalmic

BASCO has introduced Cryos for Ophthalmic, a totally non-electric Cryo Console Unit. The absence of electric connections ensures safe handling.Cryo is functionally designed to simplify Cataract, Retinal, and Glaucoma procedures by use of a variety of surgical probes.

Ophthalmic Deluxe Cryo
Model : 002

The BASCO Cryo is foot operated and very sleek enabling easy handling and the pedal control enables instant freezing and defrosting. The console face includes a pressure indicator and ON-OFF reading for visual indication of the system.
Special Features
  • Useful for Cataract, Retinal, Glaucoma and Intravitreous.
  • Foot control provision for easy handling and instant freezing and defrosting.
  • Liquid nitrous or Carbon-DI-oxide gases technique is used for low temperature achievement.
  • Non-electric.
Difference between Janatha and Deluxe Cryos


It has got a reverse flow control mechanism and it cleans the inner line of the gas conveying tube automatically when the foot is released.

But this has to follow as in column #2 in fault diagonsis as it takes a longer time to remove clogging.
It has got a seperate cylinder connector for fixing with the cylinder, which increases the length of the usages. Control Unit should be connected with the cylinder directly.
Gas starts flowing in the probe only when the pedal is pressed. So the probe is saved with high pressure gas accumulated in the inner line, results long lasting of the probe and the gas is released in the console unit and minimising the noise. The gas is already filled in the probe and the foot switch and the gas is released in the foot switch with high pressure.
Breaken 'O' rings in the inlet and outlet of the probe will not stop the functioning of the cryo probe as the gas is passed through the probe only. Broken 'O' rings in the probe cannot be used for cryo surgery since the entire connection of the probe and the unit is filled with gas and should be without any mistakes, or it will leak.
For camp work the deluxe works properly and the 'O' rings(washer) will not get pluged, and it can be removed at any time when needed and any probe can be changed. It cannot be used continuously. The probe should be removed only after closing the cylinder master valve.
Cylinder need not be brought near the patient since it has got a two meter cylinder connector to increase the length. In this model cylinder with console unit shouldbe kept closely with the patient.
Defrosting will take place without any trouble within two seconds, because of reverse flow control system. Defrosting will take place only after five seconds. Sometimes there will not be any any defrosting in case of failure in the cryo.
It had got ON-OFF indicator to check whether the gas enters inside the probe properly or not. No ON-OFF indicator in Janatha model.
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