Foot Operated Cryo


The Foot Operated Cryo is a very popular product of BASCO. It can be used for Opthalmic i.e, cataract, retina and glaucoma by changing the probe tubing set to opthalmic probe since the basic instrument is same for Dermatology and Opthalmy.This type of works with Nitrous Oxide(N2O) and carbon-DI-oxide(CO2) gas. To use with CO2, a CO2 adaptor is necessary.

Foot Operated Cryo
Model : 006

This type of cryo is functionally designed to simplify for Dermatological applications, E.N.T applications and Dermatological purposes. This is very sleek, enabling handling easy and pedal control for instant freezing and defrosting.

The components used in this instrument are:

  1. The console yoke unit assembly, for connecting to nitrous oxide or carbon-DI-oxide cylinder.
  2. This assembly has a pressure indicator for visual indication of the system.
  3. Probe tubings which has an interchangeable tip connections facility at one end to use different type of tips and other end for connecting with console yoke assembly i.e, inlet, outlet and there will be a stem to hold the stem rubber washers ('O' rings).
  4. Foot pedal - One end of the foot pedal has a stem connection to connect with the console unit from the side as shown in the figure.

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