Opthalmic Cryo Janatha Model

BASCO has introduce Cryos for Ophthalmy, a totally non-electric cryo console unit. the absence of electric connections ensures safe handling.

Janatha Slim-Line
Foot Operated

Model - 003
Janatha Foot Operated
Model - 001
Cryo is functionally designed to simplify catarat, retinal and glaucoma procedures by use of a varietyof surgical probes. The BASCO Cryo is foot operated and very sleek enabling easy handling and the pedal control enables instant freezing and defrosting. The console face includes a pressure indicator and ON-OFF reading for visual indication of the system.

Special Features:

  • Non electric.
  • Liquid nitrous or carbon-DI-oxide gases technique is used for low temerature achievement.
  • Foot control provision for easy handling and instant freezing and defrosting.
  • Two years guarantee.
  • Backed by prompt after-sales-service.

Technical details of the different probes:

Type of probe
TIP size
Temp achievements at 600-1000 P.S.I
(in degrees C)
Defrosting time at
600-1000 P.S.I
(in seconds)
Cataract Pencil
curved or straight
1.4 mm (dia)
tip L.24 mm
Retinal pencil
curved or straight
2.5 mm (dia)
tip L.24 mm
5 to 15
Galucoma pencil
curved or straight
3.5 mm (dia)
tip L.24 mm
5 to 15
Intra-Vitreous pencil
straight only
1 mm (dia)
tip L.65 mm