Fibre Optic Cold Spot Light


(Bright illumination with cold spot light)


Bright illumination with cold spot light through fibre optic cable and light source to give a cold light on the surgery area where much heat is not advisable. Flexible light guide(detachable) is provided so that the light spot can be brought to the desired working area easily without much difficulty due to the manourability. 5 based wheels (castors) for assured five point balancing easy manourability just at the finger touch. Up and Down movement controlled by telescopic pipe and instant lock 24v/250W halogen light source for bright illumination and the same light source can be used for other applications like Fibre Optic head light, Endoscopic use, Laproscopic use wherever cold light source needed(multipurpose). Light guide can be detached simply just pulling light guide rod.

Fibre Optic Cold Spot Light

Model - Fo.Spot - 2001

Fibre Optic Head Light

(Cold illumination) Model - F.O.012