Led Headlight with Loupe

BASCO 2 - in 1

Headlight + Binocular Loupe

Ideal for

  • Oto-Rhino_Laryngology
  • Plastic Surgery
  • Neuro Surgery
  • General Surgery
  • Micro Sutures
  • Ophthalmology

Fibre Optic Headlight with Binocular Loupe

Model: FOBL - 500

Details of FOBL - 500

  • Binocular Loupe with 4x or 2.5x magnification.
  • Loupe working distance: 300mm(1ft)
  • Headband - comfortable Head adjustment.
  • F.O Light cable - Fibre dia 3.5mm or 4.8mm
  • F.O. Cable Length: 230cm(7.5 feet) or 180cm (6feet) suitable for STORZ fitting.

A new 2 in 1 Ophtho device for magnified surgery area along with cold illumination.

Convenience of Fibre Optics. Advantage of Cold Light Source. Extra comfort of Adjustable Headband.

Major Benefits for the Surgeon - At a Glance

  • Binocular Loupe with 4x or 2.5x magnification, as per customers requirement.
  • Exceptionally bright (cold light) Headlight with slim, light weight - fro coaxial, shadow free illumination  of the working area through prism.
  • Illumination axis adjustable across a wide range.
  • Fully adjustable Headband is extremely comfortable to the working Surgeon, since it is designed on the basis of ergonomical principles.
  • Headlight can be fitted with an adaptor for any type.(BASCO supplies suitable for STORZ fittings)
  • Adjuster Sleeve (Silicone) - Safety assured for the Surgeon

Accessories (at no extra cost)

  • F.O. Headband with Loupe
  • F.O. Cable(Indian) 4.8mm Dia, 7.5 feet long.
  • Adjuster Sleeve (Silicone)
  • Cold light source (Twin) - 24v/250w

Accessories at extra cost(Optional)

  • Spare Bulb 24V/250W
  • Adapters for connection to any specific or other makes of fittings to suit our FOBL-500 F.O. Headband - Made available on special order.
  • Ask for plain Head Band with Loupe incase F/O Cable or Light Source not required(Enquire price difference).
  • Cold Light Source single outlet also available at lesser price(Enquire price difference).