Micro Motor

Special Features

  • Dependable in office, field or clinics.
  • Suits the critical need for both constant torque and speed.
  • Any Diamond Burr or Steel Carbide Burr can be used with standard diameter of 2.35 mm or 2/32" shaft.

Model DEEP-2

  • Solid state circuitry maintains constant current and speed under varying load conditions - saves on/prolongs micromotor's life.
  • All units operate in 220V AC.
  • Economically priced.

High Performance Hand Engines

Imported Handpiece (as optional extra)

  • Finest rotation with correct speed and accuracy.
  • Low vibration hence noiseless

Basco Handpiece (as optional extra)

  • Most economically priced.
  • Guaranteed 1 year free replacement
Designed to meet the high-precision, reliability and power/speed required for driving mostly Diamond Burrs/Fraizes, Transplat/Biopsy Punches, Drills with standard 2.35 mm dia., and other small instruments where high speed rotation is required. Thus it is extremely useful in Dermotology(for Dermabrasion work), Plastic surgery, E.N.T, Orthopeaedic surgery and Dental work.