Aspirator Model- MS-CUB

Salient Features:

  • Oil less vacuum source fitted with a piston cylinder. Maintenance free pump and easily serviceable.
  • The overflow protection device prevents liquid or solid particles from entering the intermediate tubing
  • Air filter reduces environmental contamination.

Aspirator Model - MS-CUB

  • compact and light weight, liquid bottle and unit cabinet made of ABS plastic with handle for easy carrying.


  • Max Vacuum: > 0.08MPa (680mmHg)
  • Adjustable Vacuum range: 0.02MPa - Max Vacuum
  • Flow rate: > 22L/min
  • Noise : < 60dB(A)
  • Storage Bottle: 1000ml (Poly Carbonate)
  • Power Supply: AC220V, 50Hz
  • Input: 110VA
  • GW: 6.1 Kg; NW:4.5Kg
  • Dimension: 55cm X 26.4cm X 36.5cm