Multi - Utility Phototherapy Systems

  • Microprocessor based control
  • Unique pro-logic dosage delivery system
  • Always delivers steady output / joules / dosage
  • System automatically upgrades and heals to ensure correct dosage
  • The unit is equipped with lcd joule timer.
  • Advanced, digital timer assures accurate exposure control
  • Exclusive controlled prescription timer.
  • Exclusive high-efficiency reflector design maximizes light output.
  • Opertes on standard house current.
  • Unique individual panel selector integerated.
  • Mechanised tilting panels with auto-placement / lock
  • Highly user frindly with easy key interface.
Available in following options:
Option one: Only uva therapy(12/16 uva only bulbs)
Option two: Only uva therapy(12/16 uvb-nb bulbs only)
Option three: uva & uvb (8 uva & 8 uvb-nb bulbs = 16 bulbs)