Silicon Vacuum Cup

Advantages of Silicon Soft Cup

  • Compared to Forceps there is much less hazard of damaging the soft birth canal

  • Least or nil injury to the Foetus, while the Forceps use may result in damage or fracture of the skull or intracranial hemorrhage, and / or cause facial injury or even paralysis.

  • In contrast to other extraction devices or procedures, the Silicon Cup can be used with no anxiety about the safety. Cephalohaematoma may often be caused with a metal vacuum but not with Silicon Cup.

Silicon Vacuum Cup

For Suction & Delivery


  • The Silicon Cup can produce expulsive force in a more natural way, enabling simultaneous performance of rotation and traction. Version Forceps are certainly powerful, but at the same time may greatly affect the soft birth canal and foetal head. "Finger Forceps" lack traction power, but it has been favored as a safe tool because of its controllability based on the fingers tactile sensation of pressure on the foetal head.

  • Metal vacuum cup is rather difficult to fit; it is even contra-indicated in the presence of caput succedaneum. However, irrespective of either problem, the Silicon Soft Cup can be used safely. Again, Forceps need to be applied even for confirming the positions of the sutures by vaginal examination. However, here too, the silicon soft cup can be used rather easily even by iterns or maternity nurses.



The use of metal vacuum may often cause abrasions of the scalp or suggilation(cephalohaematoma) since the limited area over which the instrument is fit, is pressed by the difference in pressure between the marked sites.


The new Silicon Vacuum Cup can easily fit even in the presence of caput succedaneum. It involves no risk of cephalohaematoma because a slight difference between the internal and external pressures at the marked sites is dispersed over  a wide area onto which the cup is fitted.



Metal Cup has a disadvantage of being not usable when Caput succedaneum is present.


Lock or unlock the Knurling Knob while using with the Suction machine. To Reduce Suction force unscrew (Anti-clockwise) the Knurling Knob slowly in order to release suction force as per the suction force Required.

However for Hand Suction or Foot Suction Knurling Knob should be kept in closed condition(clockwise)