Silicone Matt Tray

Normally, in complicated operations, extermely micro-size instruments/their parts, with highly sharp edges/sides are used. These are usually very expensive (cost running to thirty thousand or more).

Silicone Matt Tray
Stainless Steel (autoclavabale)

e.g.,Special Titanium Steel Foreceps cost even Rs. 65,000. Hence these are to kept very carefully, handled with extreme care both before and after autoclaving, and be protected. These are normally provided with specially designed compact boxes. These are kept on a sponge-like silicone matt. As a result there is no chance of sharpness being blunted, and also no misplacing along with not-so-sensitive or bulk materials.

Special Features

  • These ensure maximum hygeine and operating sterility.
  • Meant for autoclaving micro-surgery instruments.
  • After this, the instruments can be kept in same autoclaved trays, ready for use
Available as Single or Double tray in Oval and Rectangular shapes.