Universal Halogen Spot Lamp

Major Advantages

  • Equally useful in operation theatres, O.P departments and clinics.
  • Non-drift with 360° rotation, with universal mounting bracket.
  • Convenient to dimantle and reassemble.
  • Shock-proof and energy saving halogen bulbs
  • Light intensity of 1250 foot candles at 16 in. diameter.

Universal Halogen Spot Lamp
Model - HL 2000


  • Halogen lamp brings out true tissue colour. Also assures consistently long-lasting bright illumination.
  • Lamp/light temperature is kept at 3400 Kelvin to further enable identification of true tissue color.
  • Extremely small distal output with easy-to-use focusing system.
  • Halogen lamp works in low voltage and be operated using car/auto batteries.
  • Can be focused from long distance on the surgery part.

Available in Floor Stand Model (pedestal) and Wall Mount Models.