Tatoo Machines - Electrical and Manual

Tattoo process is the uniform implantation of minute metabolically inert pigment granules into the dermis so as to artistically create a permanent cosmetic camourflage. While it is also done manually, the above machine uses electrically driven needles.

Electrical Tatoo Machine

Ideal Dermal treatment for stable vitiligo, secondary leucoderma. Also fill in gaps of alopecia in

  1. MPA after hair transplant
  2. DPA in females
  3. Partially healed AA
  4. Also to disguise scars post-surgically


  • Immediate/very quick results. This instant camourflage is made possible by use of electrically driven needles.
  • Can be on emergency bases.
  • Good cosmetic match. Least or nil chance of rejection by skin.
  • Can be done on any part of the anatomy (hairy and/or mobile parts, or involving friction or difficult-to-graft parts).

Also available

Manual Tattoo