Terms and Conditions

  1. Delivery : Will be done immediately by Post Parcel (R.P.P/Courier) directly to you on receipt of your confirmed order with draft on BASCO India or documents through Bank for which you have to mention your bankers full address with Pin Code Number.
  2. Tax : Should be made extra as applicable.
  3. Payment : Should be made in advance by way of D.D. on Basco India or through Bank.
  4. Packing and Forwarding : Will be extra approximately 4% of the cost of the material.
  5. Guarantee : One year against any technical/manufacturing defects, except Halogen bulbs, Tube, Transducer probes and abnormal conditions of the unit.
  6. Demonstration : Can be done at your place as per your request, and 10% of the equipment cost will be extra outside Chennai.
  7. Servicing : Will be done at free of cost for one year and Rs.1500/- (Rupees One thousand and Five hundred only) will be charged per annum after the guarantee period of one year. Item should be sent to Basco India, Chennai for servicing.
  8. Disputes subject to Chennai Jurisdiction only.
  9. Imported parts ask for current price due to price variation.
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