Woods Lamp

The BASCO-make Woods Lamp Portable Model comes with twin UV tubes to induce fluoresence in Dermatoses and an additional extra white tube for magnification. Both the lights can be operated seperately.

Examination of skin or hair with the Woods Lamp is a time trusted technique to aid in the clinical diagnosis of some cutaneous disorders.

Woods Lamp
Ultra Violet Examination Light

Following are the indications in Dermatology:

  1. Dermatoses in the intertrignious areas.
  2. Patches on the scalp with scaling or partial hair loss(especially with broken hairs).
  3. Pigmentary alterations.
  4. Diagnosis of burrows in scabies.
  5. Blisters and punctuate erosions on the dorsum of hands and forearms.
  6. Tinea versicolor.

BASCO's Woods Lamp is an inexpensive and essential laboratory equipment. Woods light examination should be performed in a dark room, and total darkness is also satisfactory.

The UV light tubes are commercially available and the emitted light is of lesser intensity (longer wave length) than the light absorbed.

Medical Uses
These can be broadly classified into diagnostic, therapeutic and investigational uses.

Diagnostic Uses

  • Tinea Captis
  • Erythrasama
  • T.Versicolor
  • Pseudonomas infections
  • Pigmentary alteration